Nike Steps In It and says “Just Screw It.”

Will Nike’s virtue-signaling help or hurt them in the short and long term?¬† In this video, I detail my explanation as to why I believe this is a huge marketing error.


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Tired of your ads not working? My new book will help with that…

Get the same ad strategies I use.

My long-awaited book, “High Performing Ads” is now available in the store on my website.

If you’re tired of:

  • Holding your breath when you buy advertising “hoping” that it will work
  • Feeling like you’re not getting any visitors to your website or store
  • Guessing what your ads – and headlines – should say
  • Wondering when and where you should be advertising
  • Not knowing exactly who your audience is – and where they are

Then this is the book for you.

In less than one hour, you’ll be able to implement the same tactics and strategies I use for advertising around the world.

Chapters include:

  • Send The Wrong Message and You’re Dead
  • 10 Common Advertising Mistakes Businesses Make and How To Avoid Them
  • Destroying Advertising Myths And Stereotypes
  • Your Headline Is Your ROI

and more.

Stop guessing about your ads. Get informed, and start bringing in traffic.

Remember: when you control the message, you control the money.

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My new book, “High Performing Ads” is available now.

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Alexa? We Have A Problem

The Most Popular Ad Isn’t Always The Best

During Super Bowl 52, the (highly flawed) USA Today “Ad Meter” focus group ranked Amazon’s “Alexa Loses Her Voice” commercial as the “winner.”

2018 Ad Meter results 1-3

USA Today’s criteria for judging Super Bowl commercials is: which ad is the most entertaining, or thought-provoking.

My criteria: what commercial will actually drive sales back to the company.

While Amazon’s star-studded (and very expensive) ad is extremely entertaining, it inadvertently highlights well-documented problems with the Echo and Alexa.

In this very short video, I explain why this ad – as entertaining as it is – contains deeper messages of mistrust and (possibly) deception.

CLICK HERE to watch the ad (approx. 4 minutes).

Tim Burt


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