The first 2/3 of this Korean Air commercial is selling what?

A tenant of a great television commercial: if you watch it with the sound off, and it makes you want to turn up the volume, it’s creating a desired effect. That is, it has tapped into your curiosity to learn more about it (or the “what the hell IS this” effect).

This commercial demonstrates it perfectly…so turn off your speakers and watch it that way first.

Initially, you’re not sure what is being advertised. Is it perfume? Clothing? A resort? You’re not really sure until the payoff at 23 seconds into the spot.

Now, watch it again with the sound up.

It certainly sets an ambiance and mood which compliments the images perfectly.

I’ve never had a desire to go to Korea…but if I did, I’d want to fly this airline.

Congrats to Korean Air for making a commercial worth watching, and hitting the mark.

Tim Burt
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