Commercial FAIL. Today’s bitch-slap: PC Matic.

First, force yourself to watch this train wreck:

Where do I begin? The whole “dad is a moron” cliche is beyond tired and lazy. It’s also offensive to men who have a set.

Did the “dominant” and “know-it-all-mom” convince you that it’s absolutely necessary to scan your PC right now? Did this commercial in any way reflect a slice of your life?

We as an audience can spot poor acting a mile away. Ask yourself: did you believe any of the actors? In any way?

Bottom line: bad commercials are a dime per thousand. It’s the really good ones that are hard to spot…because they run so infrequently.

Tim Burt

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30,000+ ads globally. Commercial Advertising Marketing - world-wide audio producer, voice-over talent, copywriter.
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95 Responses to Commercial FAIL. Today’s bitch-slap: PC Matic.

  1. Buck Ofama says:

    I think low budge porn “stars” every time this complete waste of airtime comes on the tube.

    • phil57 says:

      LOL. I have the same thought every time I see this really bad spot. If they’re not in porno, they should be.

    • john says:

      They are porn stars! That’s part of the marketing strategy. Whoever PC matic is they got their startup monies from the porn industry and they know the “old guy” is watching porn on his pc which is why it’s screwed up!

  2. jon doe says:

    I think this commercial is the greatest and shows how the male species is on the decline. Seriously, it shows the guy as being a total looser and her heading out for a night on the town with the girls….love this, it is where society is at in these modern times.

    a male

  3. jp says:

    Where have I seen this female actress before??

  4. Bosslady2110 says:

    This is the most annoying commercial. That nasty, smarmy “Where you goin’?” is so rude and disrespectful! I can’t believe this company thinks they are going to lure customers with this bit of snarkiness. And, yes, I too am tired of all this dad is a moron stuff on sitcoms AND commercials.

  5. Haveaset says:

    I hate this commercial. “Where you goin?” Who the hell are you talkin’ to bitch?! PC Matic, kiss my aaaysss. Girls night out? How the hell old are you? Cheatin’ sluttin’ no good tramp. Give anyone an inch and they take a mile. I’m all for women’s rights, however it’s a man’s responsibility to defeat disrespect when it is shown. This commercial is trash. BTW bitch, you’re not even a milf, you look like a neanderthal that found the makeup cabinet.

  6. betondo fuchatuch says:

    I stare at my tv in absolute disgust and disbelief whenever this dumpster fire comes on. That company wouldn’t get a dime from me if they were the only remedy in town and my laptop was crawling with viruses to the point of physical movement.

    Father Knows Squat advertising will never get my dough. If these bozos think that women and minorities trampling white men is the key to unlocking new revenue streams they can have their delusion. They just can’t have my money.

  7. Don Moore says:

    A truly poor commercial, and that “Where YOU goin” comment wrenches my gut every time I hear it. Plus, I don’t think they could have fit one more “pcmatic” mention in the commercial without it sounding like a computer glitch. I never though I’d see a commercial worse than the old Activeon

  8. dirtdog says:

    It’s time to start a Men’s Liberation Movement.

  9. markswrite says:

    Chill dudes! Is your masculinity so weak that a foxy babe asking “where you goin” cause ulcers?
    Either you haven’t noticed or you’re all either loose in the loafers or henpecked–this is an absolutely beautiful woman. She’s wide-eyed, symmetrical, has a perfect body, hair, and make-up. This is what a 10 looks like, dorks. Look at the house and the Beamer she drives away in. The guy’s is the one who made the money, probably in a big construction company, for them to live like this. What does he give a shit if his doll is mouthy sometimes–he’s a totally relaxed, confident stud. If they were living on her income, they’d be in an apartment. Man up, dweebs.

    Most red-blooded American males wish they had this gorgeous specimen of feminine charm giving them lip when they get home from work. She will soon move from commercials to regular TV programming, you heard it here first.

    • JimB says:

      I agree with you completely. Guys who get upset by this ad have some serious issues.

    • Bluemeanie9 says:

      If she’s so hot, then why is the guy looking at so much porn he infected his computer? She’s a freak and if you think she’s a 10 then i’d hate to see what you normally date. face it, she’s so annoying and strange looking, the poor sap has to get his kicks from some on-line porn (notice how he quickly closes the computer before leaving). The fact is he cant stand her pumpkin lookin head and so he cant even get it up, and if he does, as soon as she talks he loses it, forcing her to hit the town looking for some desperate young guys, or blind and deaf guys since they are the only ones who could tolerate her missing-link-looking face.

    • john says:

      Okay she goes from pornos to commercials to TV …got it.

    • MadmaxUSA says:

      Markswrite, without a doubt, you are a woman who deserves to be bitchslapped by her indulging and trusting man. Just like that controlling snake in the ad.

    • TheGlob says:

      Perfect huh? Why the damned stinking, shitty makeup.
      Make up sux. Especially lipstick and eye shadow. Good soapy wash rag is the true test of phsical beauty.
      I use virus scanning for only one reason. The reason is to make sure attachemets and such my customers are sending with email through my servers won’t screw each other up. How about that claim they speed up your Internet? Excse me. The pipe you buy is the pipe you get. If it appears faster then they cleaned up some crap on your machine.
      Good for them! One in a row is better than none.
      YUP! I’m old enough to have been a user of CPM-80 and a Beta Tester of CPM-86 at the time Bill Gates plagerized CPM-86.
      MicroSnot sux worse than the commrcial your all crying about.
      If they would engage half the brains they think they have they would have an OS that works verses that MicroSnot piece of crap. No I don’t use that egomanic Petert Norton’s flimsy security. Same goes for McaFee.
      MicroSnot security is an Oxymoron!

      • littlebill says:

        How about AVG and Avast? (sad to say but back in ’95 McAfee did save my butt one time, not sure it could do it now though)

    • the Rifleman says:

      First of her you can see the wrinkles on this woman’s face & she’s trying to cover them up with a can of war paint. “Girl’s night out”? Does he go to the strip joint whenever she’s not up to putting out? Total BS making men look stupid.

  10. markswrite says:

    She’s a real estate saleswoman who has fallen on hard times. She has only sold 5 properties since the Great Recession began. He’s in construction, another beleaguered industry, but through a connection from a college buddy has found a lucrative niche: the clean-up and maintenance of foreclosed homes.

    They’re center-right, childless by choice, have a split-level condo in Lahina, and yes, the sex is amazing.

  11. BigSteve says:

    I hate the “man as dork” theme of this commercial. With a passion. But I would do that woman in a heartbeat. Just sayin’

  12. Ed says:

    The commercial is ridiculous, what’s the dude going to get at the store, anti-virus spray? And there is no excuse, like the spin the pro writing class wash out “Markswrite” (above) puts on the woman’s snide attitude asking “where You going?”. “Honey” needs to be a bit more respectful of her sugar daddy.

    • Bluemeanie9 says:

      Yes, but I don’t think he is much of a ‘Sugar daddy” as the 2 morons only have one car (notice they have to take turns using it). I mean come on, sell the BMW and buy 2 Subarus for goodness sake you car-sharing morons. The pumpkin queen (aka jack-o-lantern face) and virus sponge guy should really due everyone a favor and consider a murder-suicide.

  13. Bringbackrealmen says:

    The guy’s voice is an octive higher than most men which simply confirms suspicions that he lost his boys somewhere.

  14. Bringbackrealmen says:

    The guy’s voice is an octave higher than most men which simply confirms suspicions that he lost his boys somewhere.

  15. jim harley says:

    Here’s the jist of the commercial. The woman is going out with her girlfriends to have a roll in the sack. The hubby is cuckold and really gets off on her being with other men on ‘girls night out’. She winks at us and backs away from giving him a kiss on the check and zooms away in her convertible sports car.
    What do you think?

  16. markswrite says:

    Look, I never said the commercial was any good, and I wouldn’t trust this product on my computer. I was only defending the woman. I admit the one car scenario is problematic. The only thing I can figure is that their other car is his big Dodge heavy-haul truck with construction lettering on it, the kind of rig which won’t fit in the garage, and that their HOA won’t permit being parked on the street.

    I stand behind my assertion that she is a beautiful woman. Question: if this commercial is so bad, why the nightly rotation? Wouldn’t its frequent appearance on high-cost air like the O Reilly Factor suggest that it is bringing in business?

    • timburtmedia says:

      Odds are, that commercial is a local insert, not national. That’s a far cheaper ad buy. Could also be a cable-system regional commercial package as well (i.e. Charter, Comcast, etc).

    • Bluemeanie9 says:

      I have to admit that the construction truck theory does support your original idea that he is in constuction and would also explain why she doesn’t want to drive it as it would easly be identified when parked in front of a cheap hotel where someone with a blind fold and earplugs is getting his rocks off all over Mrs. “Dont-need-a-mask for halloween”. That being said; like Nancy Pelosi, just because it all over TV doesnt mean its any good or even works.

    • MadmaxUSA says:

      Thankfully they’ve now replaced this “white male as idiot” commercial with one in which he’s portrayed as a man with a modicum of intnelligence, helping his daughter fix her computer problem.

  17. markswrite says:

    I found this site by searching “pcmatic woman” because I wanted to see what others were saying about her, if anything. There are a few threads out there. I’ve learned nobody likes the spot, most despise the people in the spot, and only a few guys find the woman attractive. Obviously I will not divest some who comment here of the notion that this woman is an unfaithful, obnoxious, Econo-Lodge tramp. That’s OK, this interpretation is just as valid as mine, and it is all conjecture.

    I still wonder why any corporation would continue to pay to run an ad which was demonstrably not getting the job done.

  18. rudy says:

    I just found this site while wondering if anyone else thinks that gal in the commercial is odd. If anyone needs “virus protection” its the hubby (from her). Notice there’s hardly a stick of furniture in the house. And that’s a typical Las Vegas low-rent neighborhood. What a pair of dorks.

  19. Xue Zhangyingxia says:

    There are sure some pathetic people out there who can’t take it. Look, the ads got people talking about the product, which is what any sponsor wants. Get real. So the people in the ad aren’t perfect. Who is? Using foul language and four letter words here says a great deal more about the people posting such views than the ads say about the product. A Chinese philosopher said it best, “Person without defect looking in mirror sees person with many defects.”

  20. truthy says:

    Like most, I couldn’t believe this was actually airing, and then airing again. I assumed the guy in it was the owner of the company who had the ‘idea’ for the commercial and knew just the ‘right’ girl for it too. It’s also a shame that the right wingers are such suckers for this kind of bullshit ‘product’ like the pill that cures tinnitus, work at home dot com, and pcmatic.

    • Independent Voter says:

      Typical left wing inane comment. Low income liberal idiots keep QVC and the rest of the crap on TV alive. How’s the economy working out for you, Obama lover?

  21. pc matic sucks says:

    THE MOST ANNOYING COMMERCIAL EVER.I would never buy this product ever.What a joke.

  22. Yolanda says:

    In what universe does a man jump up and run out for a new laptop every time he thinks his current machine has a virus? And what color is the sky in a world where the wife is a computer wizard and the husband knows less than your average first-grader? I love the way the wife snubs the guy when he comes in for a kiss after thanking her at the end. Yes, the purpose of an ad is to get people talking about a product, but more importantly the goal is to get people to buy the product. I can’t imagine what demographic this ad was targeted at. Henpecked morons? Must be a lot of them given the number of times this ad has aired. On another note, I’d do her in a heartbeat. At the Econo-Lodge or the Ritz-Carlton. Just sayin.

  23. Vincent Matthews says:

    OK- Besides the commercial really sucking big time for the aforementioned reasons— to the people who actually think this woman is attractive (let alone beautiful), please have your vision examined promptly or develop a sense of aesthetics. She is nasty beyond belief- her whole face crinkles when she opens her mouth, is overlarge and square like a cartoon face, looks very primitive (previous critic had it right calling her neanderthal), as well as having the worst most crooked teeth I’ve ever seen since Austin Powers. The commercial a ironically is “PC” as in politically correct, not PCmatic. And yes, I would never tolerate that kind of attitude and condescension from my wife, nor would she tolerate it from me. It is just a disgusting display- and ‘yes’ to the previous comment about “girls’ night out”. Uhhh, aren’t you like 60 years old, trying to look 50, talk 40, and act 30? Quit trying to re-live your youth from the 1960s and move on.

  24. I wouldn’t bone that skank with Chaz Bono’s pecker … wait! Chaz is still waiting for the organ donor bank to call!!

  25. Darby Bowen says:

    This waste of airtime comes on EVERY night during a program I watch. Thank goodness for the mute and jump buttons on my remote! Absolutely HATE it!!!

  26. Peggy says:

    I have to admit I did a search to find out who this woman was, (interestingly nobody cares who the moron guy is). I laughed myself silly at a couple of the posts here, so true!

    I assumed it was another husband and wife couple like the Edmond dorks that sell the “energy bracelets “worn by millions”. I thought these two clowns were in the same class until the little dubbed in *wink*/sparkle. That’s what put this one over the top. I was like, “Did I just see that? For real? What kind of moron put this ad together… was that supposed to be a special effect?”

    After this debute on TV, you don’t have to ask why the woman has had a career is in voice-over selling turkeys and tampons. Hey, everybody needs a living and maybe it pays her bills. It certainly would be an interesting job because she got to sit in a BMW that was a stage prop once.

    So cut the woman some slack. Would I kick her out of bed for eating crackers? No, Am I ever going to buy PCmatic? Any moron (except the guy in the commercial) knows you can get a product like this for free off internet. It’s obvious the add is geared for real morons, the company probably doesn’t have much in the way of sales to start with and had no choice but to buy second rate actors that look like former failed grade b porn stars.

  27. Howard Alabaster says:

    You’re getting her attitude all wrong. Her smarty-pants know-it-all point-of-view makes sense only after you’ve watched the commercial that comes before–with the teen showing his mom how to download the product. Now SHE’S the expert to show her husband how it works. But when she says, “Girls’ Night Out,” I just want to die. And that ridiculous sparkle of light in her eye kills me.

  28. markswrite says:

    After a couple of month’s I return to this thread to see if people are still talking about the PC-Matic woman. Amazingly, yes, they are. The thing is, just tonight I see that the firm has finally updated the ad (that’s a good thing), and, interestingly, the new one seems to answer many of the critics on this thread.

    Now the couple is at the breakfast table, apparently in the same house in the same Las Vegas neighborhood where most of the other houses are under water or in foreclosure. Because of hubby’s foreclosure clean-up outfit and her PC-Matic income, they’re doing just fine, thanks.

    He’s reading the paper, showing an interest in current affairs, and she manages to tie every headline he reads back to PC-Matic. Cut to a shot of her driving him around in the Cayenne, as any good, respectful, faithful wife will do for a hard-working guy who brings home most of the bacon.

    And then the capper, the statement that refutes all the baloney about her being an unfaithful wife:
    “I love my husband!” She looks better than ever–in a California kind of way. And I still believe she will someday make the jump from commercials into small roles on shows like CSI-Bakersfield.

    Hey Shirley, keep the faith, baby.

  29. johnnystud says:

    Girls night out then does a burn out with my sports car.I don’t think so bitch.Get back in the kitchen and make my supper.

  30. Marc says:

    I hate the commercial. I hate the “actors” and I use the term loosely…….BUT…it makes you remember the name PC Matic and that’s what the corp guys are paying for. No one does not know the name of this company. There are great commercials out there that have us rolling off our chairs laughing,but when asked who the company was,we can’t remember.
    As much as I hate this commerciall,it’s effective

  31. Henry Gondorff says:

    I wonder if her beaver twinkles?

  32. markswrite says:

    Kidding (and storyboarding) aside, what would really be interesting is if Tim would compare and contrast the new ad with the old one, and enlighten the dilettante ad-analyzers among us as to which one is better, if applicable.

  33. markswrite says:

    Thanks, Henry, You’ve summed up my infatuation with this woman in one fell swoop.

    • littlebill says:

      Hey (MARKSWRITE) you might have some info I’m looking for. Is their a connection between the woman in the AD being talked about and the young girl who asks dad for help with her computer for school?

  34. Starry says:

    If her beaver twinkles she must have a virus. PCMatic won’t help, either.

    I had a hell of a time remembering the name of the product. Fortunately is comes on every 30 minutes.

  35. rhino says:

    I had a wife EXACTLY LIKE HER. I got rid of the bitch after 8 months. Girls night out did our marriage in.

  36. MyOpinion says:

    PCMatic says your computer has a nasty virus…. not bad PCMatic but the nasty virus is under, not on the table. As to the new one, put a dress on a pig… still a pig

  37. mickrussom says:

    Yet another progressive anti Family anti USA anti Man rat vermin perpetrated assault against the real MAN. A honest, hardworking, tax paying, law abiding MAN who has faith and fidelity and actually RUNS the house. Like we do. Like I do. These ads are just the communist scum in PR participating in the plot to destroy this country from within. PC Matic can cram it where the sun doesnt shine, and this witch hag woman playing this role should kno she is a low life scum.

  38. S. R. Malone says:

    I hate this commercial, too. It is the tired, “stupid white male” canard once again. As for the wife and her “night out,” I suspect she’s meeting some boyfriend who is much better endowed than her loser husband. One of my least favorite advertisements, and until sponsors stop the “stupid white male” thing, they’ll never get me as a customer.

  39. Badmustang says:

    OMG, she is HOT!!!! I drool every time I see this on TV…The more, the better…. Keep those hits coming PCMatic!!! She’s a doll..

  40. markswrite says:

    OK, so I take on the whole “man-stupid-woman-smart paradigm in this piece about The Progressive Insurance Lady, get a disastrous headline which I have to ask to be fixed, and get raked over the coals again by half the respondents. Why do I bother with these women?
    Note to badmustang: Thanks for agreeing with me about Shirley.

  41. NY says:

    Most ads are aimed at the back half of the bell curve, this is a sad specimen of same. The woman is reasonably milfy, but both the helpless ball-less hubby and the ‘whore’s night out’ loses me quick. In general ads seem to be aimed at dim witted women and minorities showing the dumb husband/father/white male. It annoys intelligent women & minorities, and any white male with a set, but as stated before, it reaches the below average IQ that can be swayed by advertising. They were never aiming at intelligent people.

  42. Calragamuffin says:

    Say what you want about Shirley Dalmas, She’s there and your not. No matter what, she’s making the bucks while you watch her.

  43. Fristen Lasten says:

    Dude, you’re hilarious. Dalmas is hot!

  44. Toby Welles says:

    You guys are absolute MORONS!
    The commercial is SUPPOSED to be cheesey. It’s called being campy. That’s what makes it entertaining. You idiots probably think the Shamwow guy is a real person as well.
    That chick is HOT, and you know it. Every single one of you mental midgets would bone her in a heartbeat.
    The fact that you people are taking the thing seriousley and being pissed off about the “dumb guy / smart woman” thing shows how tiny your collective penis is.

    And by the way, if the commercial was half as lousy as you say….. it wouldn’t be on TV every 15 minutes for the last 6 months.

  45. MyOpinion says:

    Have you seen the latest one…. Good Lord!!! Same script, new angle. For sure the daughter is an out of work porn star… just because you have ‘State’ on your sweatshirt doesn’t mean you’re going to college. and now, he has his glasses down on his nose signafying that he’s old and wise but really he’s just hosing the porn star.

  46. NY says:

    What kind of guy signs his freedom away for a woman that turns into a ball breaking money disposal machine? If my wife turned into that, I’d cut my loss and the source of aggravation, loose. I’m not into subservient women, but I’m not into big mouthed pain in the asses either, I see why guys swear off on American women and go foreign.

  47. Peggy says:

    “You idiots probably think the Shamwow guy is a real person as well.”

    He is. His name is Vice Offer and he sued Anna Nicole Smith for backing out of some movie he was supposed to do. He hasn’t been on for a while so maybe he went the way of Billy Mays.

  48. Local sports says:

    WHEN I notion the application would definitely turn out to be various dreary ancient place, however it paid back for your effort. I’m going to content a website to this site in my own web site. Most likely the customers will seek that worthwhile.

  49. I wanted to smack them both in the face. This commercial was horrid from opening to closing. Her zooming off with a little wink what a jackass commercial. Whoever sold this to the people should be fired as advert experts. The new one is not any better. It is absolutely stupid. I suppose PC-Matic does not think we the public are smart enough to understand intelligent commercials and this one is so elementary kindergarten kids could have done a better job. Either get a good commercial or forget about any at all as your company looks hideous..

  50. Not to change the subject, but who is that delicious babe in the new Check Into Cash commercials? I would love to drool on her twinkling beaver!

  51. Peggy says:

    I just saw the follow-up ad with the “daughter” and the moron with the glasses that have slid down his nose trying to look like Charlie Gibson in a Sarah Palin interview. The ad is ‘marginally’ better but I really miss Shirley. I guess she went back to voiceovers for tampon and turkey commercials.

    The ad is better but still not up to the quality of Geico and Maxwell the squeeling pig. Perhaps PC-Matic can do a a spot with Shirley squeeling like a pig… (like Ned Beatty if you catch my drift. I can here the banjo music for the commercial already). But I digress…

    Maybe get “Flo” (Shephanie Courtney) from Progressive to do a tagteam with Shirley. (If you scrape off all the Queen Elizabeth makeup Shephany she doesn’t look too bad).

    Perhaps Shirley could come home from her “girl’s night out” and catch husband-nerd doing Flo on the table… with the PC-Matic’ed, virus free PC working great and displaying the ‘married but cheating’ page from Craig’s List… God I should have gotten into advertising…

  52. Let’s forget the dorky dude and the cougar wife for a moment.
    Ten thousand comments later, I just want to know one thing.
    Is this a product where you just download a “scan,” but when it’s time for the “fix” you have to get your credit card ready?
    I am not ready to believe that a company will fix your computer, first, and then hope that you’ll buy a subscription later. The scan is usually free and the fix is $$$.

    • jadoti says:

      Who trusts a download from an infected computer, and who puts their credit card information into an infected computer?

      “Your infected with spyware monitoring for your banking details and credit card info!! Ohz noz! Put in your credit card number here to fix immediately!”

    • Benny says:

      This isn’t free. Scan always finds junk, and offers to remove if you purchase. This software does the same thing, only not as well, as the free software Ccleaner and Defraggler. Save your money, and use your clicker. I refuse to even sit through this commercial. It makes me sick to think how many computer illiterate people are scammed by this crap. Should be illegal.

  53. Pingback: 10 Businesses Show off Their Bad Marketing « Bliss Returned

  54. CommieKiller says:

    If you would just ditch Bill Gates Plagerized and butchered CPM-86 and forward crapola OS these people would have nothing to sell.
    MicroSnot Security is an Oxymoron.
    When MicroSnot is the only OS left I’ll throw mine in the river. Or maby put them in the center line of the farm to market down the way and take bets on the kind of vehicle that puts them/me out of our misery.
    As I said Fuck Bill Gates and MicroShit.
    It’s worse than usless.
    After about 90 days I read the logs on my email server. NO it has nothing to do with MicroShit!
    There were over 7,000 archived infected files. All aimed at MicroShit.
    I have been managing networks for over 27 years. Only one time have I had a problem with one of my servers having a Trojan. It actually was a Root Kit. Also it was my fault as I worked on my firewall and screwed it up.

    Linux is Unix on Steriods
    MicroShit is Unix on LSD. Nahhhhh it ain’t that good

    • littlebill says:

      Boy, do I need your e-mail addy, I’m cracking into Linux after 17 years of Windows…right now the one I like the best is Mint 17 KDE 32 bit (I have old machines, but they work great with Linux). Thing is I have questions every now and then….self proclaimed nerd!

      • littlebill says:

        Boy, do I need your e-mail addy, I’m cracking into Linux after 17 years of Windows…right now the one I like the best is Mint 17 KDE 32 bit (I have old machines, but they work great with Linux). Thing is I have questions every now and then….self proclaimed nerd!
        I forgot to check the box so I’ll get an e-mail from you, as a response to this post.

  55. Lisa says:

    When commercials portray white males as idiots they are merely being truthful and honest.

  56. Joey says:

    I personally feel that all woman named Lisa are bimbos.

  57. James Watts says:

    The PCMATIC commercial? I think that PCMATIC should say PCMATIC a few more times in these spots. They only mentioned the name PCMATIC 37 times in a :30 spot.

  58. Jack Bauer says:

    ..and all that… but no one noticed how the “keys” magically appeared near the end of the commercial!!!

  59. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me
    to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a
    designer to create your theme? Superb work!

    • timburtmedia says:


      Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.

      As for the layout, it’s a standard WordPress design – no custom programming whatsoever.

      I hope you’re learning from my posts, and I look forward to hearing from you again!


  60. This Cheng guy is so annoying with his thrift store dad jeans on and a tucked in tee shirt,then his ugly ass wife that she could be his daughter is standing there with a dumb ass look on her face with her hand in her pocket.Then his kids appear and their dumb ass fold their arms and bows their heads.Is this commercial scripted ? Where do y’all get these people? Get this stupid shit off TV.

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