Charlie Sheen can teach advertisers a critical lesson…

The inaugural show for Charlie’s tour in Detroit was a disaster.

Since nobody knew what to expect, the awful stand-up comedian who opened was booed off stage. This after Mr. Sheen himself implored the audience to give him a chance, but they thought otherwise.

When Charlie appeared, his “set” was condescending, misguided, and unfocused. The crowd began leaving in droves. His utterance of the phrase “go ahead and boo, dude…I’ve got your money”, reminded me of so many bad commercials that didn’t talk WITH the audience…it talked TO them.

Fast-forward a few nights and the reviews from Chicago were glowing. Standing-ovation-good.

Was a Sheen stunt-double on stage in the Windy City? Was is the same show he performed in Detroit?

No. He (and/or his “team”) re-tooled his message and the packaging.

He gave them what they wanted (from my understanding, as I wasn’t there).

How does this translate to advertising? Simple: your audience (customers) will quickly tell you non-verbally when you’re not meeting their expectations. They’ll stop buying your stuff. Your website traffic will decrease. Phones become eerily silent.

Give them what they want and expect.

The most effective advertising focuses on the consumer’s problems and how to solve them…not the businesses’.

It’s one simple shift in your advertising approach angle (AAA) that’s worthy of a standing ovation.

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