How The Rebecca Black Song “Friday” Illustrates A Common Problem In Commercial Advertising

If you haven’t seen the internet phenomenon/punching bag known as Rebecca Black’s song “Friday”, please watch this first…you can stop around :45.

(UPDATE 6/16/11:  Ms. Black pulled her video off YouTube claiming “Copyright Infringment”…so try this link if you must watch it)


At the :39 mark, the lyrics “Gotta make my mind up, which seat can I take?” – front seat / back seat – that’s the focus…and the problem.


She’s given a choice. Which leads to delayed response.

It is the same conundrum most commercials find themselves in without even knowing it.

How many advertisements have you heard/seen/read that say (paraphrasing) “visit our website at (domain).com, or call XXX-XXXX”?

This easily correctable issue is actually two-fold.


First (and most importantly), you must determine what type of traffic you’d like to generate. Phone? Foot? Web?

The second part then is answered by your first answer. If you want phone traffic, put in your phone number. Nothing else. No website, address, etc.

For web traffic generation, only put in your website. To get people in the door, an intersection or landmark reference works best. Don’t put in your street address unless you’re in a strip mall or otherwise hard to find location.

How many times have you tried to find a business based on street number alone? Half the time, you couldn’t find it if you had to.


1) Tell the audience where to go based on the type of traffic you want to generate.

2) Make it easy for them to find you by only giving them one option.

3) Too much info confuses the audience.

**Next blogpost** If you run a radio/tv advertisement saying “See our ad in ‘xxxxx’ magazine”, you better give the audience a reason to pick it up. More on that in my next posting coming Monday, June 20th.


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