How To Effectively Use Social Media In Radio, TV, and Print Advertising – Part 1

The two most powerful displays of Branding in Social Media: Facebook’s “Like” button, and the “Follow” button on Twitter.

Facebook logo

Why Do You Want Consumers To "Like" Your Business On Facebook?

Follow Us On Twitter logo

Consumers won't "Follow" you if they don't like your business.

More and more traditional advertising is trying to incorporate Social Media into (or an addendum to) the message. This is a great thing if properly implemented.


People are very selective as to what businesses they’ll become a fan of online.

Asking consumers to “Like” or “Follow” you is a great, free tool to build your fan base. But simply asking or telling people to click those buttons isn’t enough. It is my opinion that the person must experience it first. Without a reason to, they won’t.


Lets examine when most people will click the “Like” or “Follow” button by using a restaurant example.

Someone goes to an establishment and has a great meal. Good service, the ambiance was right…they had a fantastic experience and will return.

The next time they’re on Facebook or Twitter, they’ll recall the event and start searching out your business. Then they’ll become an online fan.

If their experience was unpleasant, your business could find itself on a “(business name) sucks” Facebook page, or garner an unflattering hashtag on Twitter.

Note –  the exception to the rule above about experiencing a business before someone will click the “Like” button: “cause” marketing. Breast cancer research fundraiser, to save a landmark or historic building, etc.

**COMING THURSDAY JULY 7** – In Part 2, I’ll demonstrate how to craft the best message for someone to become your “Fan” on social media sites.

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