How To Effectively Use Social Media In Radio, TV, and Print Advertising – Part 2

In Part One of this series, I highlighted the biggest mistake businesses make when trying to gather “Likes” on Facebook, or “Follows” on Twitter by simply mentioning social media in traditional advertising.


Your business doesn’t have enough online fans.


Before you can get more “Likes” or “Follows” on Social Media, remember this phrase: “Givers Get“.

In other words, the business must give something in order to get something.

Usually, it’s an e-mail address for the restaurant “Frequent Diners Club”, “Birthday Club”, etc.

Of course you don’t have to…but it certainly helps. Most retail outlets have some sort of “points” program, a punch card towards a free service, etc. If your business doesn’t, why not?


Let’s say you run a Tanning Salon, and you have a Facebook page. Why not have a “Facebook Appreciation Day”? Or a “Twitter Follow-fest”? Give out a code on Social Media, and when customers show up and mention the code or show their phone to you with the code, they get something. Whatever you determine. But it must be something of value. Or more importantly, something of perceived high-worth value.


If you don’t get as many clicks as you’d like, do not panic and start a “fire sale” mentality. People can sense desperation.

Let’s say on Monday, you offer ten dollars off a service. Not a lot (if any) people click on it. Then Tuesday, it’s fifteen dollars off. Wednesday, it’s twenty bucks off. People will wait until it’s a no-brainer as long as you (business owner) keep dropping the price. Pick a target dollar amount and stick to it.


Using the example I just gave above, if I were running a campaign of fifteen-second radio and/or television commercials, that would be my sole focus.

Let’s use the Tanning Salon for example:

“Just clicking the “Like” button can get you a free tan on Saturday, July 10th. Go to Facebook dot com slash ABC Tanning, click the “Like” button, then watch for a special a code on our Facebook this Friday. Then use it Saturday for a free ABC Tanning Salon ultra-tan.”


So many commercials now make the mistake of listing all the things “they want to say in the commercial”….then throw in “Like us on Facebook” (usually because there’s is remaining time in the commercial).

Again, you must give the consumer a reason to click that “Follow” or “Like” button.

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