Recipe Ingredient #2 To Make A Bad Radio Or Television Commercial: Touting Heritage

Using the length of time your business has been in existence in a commercial does not equal trust in the mind of the consumer.


Yes, I understand it’s important to the owner to talk about their heritage.

When you hear or see an ad that states their history (e.g. “Since 1946, we’ve been your hometown ______ pros”), the salesperson and/or copywriter didn’t fully do their job.

Trying to correlate the number of years in existence to trustworthiness is almost always a failed proposition.


Nobody cares about the age of the business except the owner.

I recently saw on the front page of a website recently that this particular business has been around since 1946…THREE TIMES.

Even the most established companies have customer complaints.


Think about the last time you made a purchase that you had to return because it was defective, wasn’t fixed properly, etc.

You had to return to the store to have them correct an error. You certainly weren’t planning on returning to the store regarding this issue. Therefore, the store’s claim of “heritage” is irrelevant. After all, if they’ve been around since “19XX”, you’d expect them to get it right the first time.


Too many commercials tout how “great” the business is, instead of focusing on why anyone should visit or buy from them.

Once you’ve discovered your commercial’s core, key message, then, and only then should there be any mention (if at all) of your business’ heritage.

For instance:

“When an ABC Plumber comes to your home, they’ll fix it on time, and won’t leave a mess for you to clean up. Just like we have since 1950.”


Customers are not giving your business money because you’ve been around for 100 years.

They’re coming to you because you offer something they like/need/want.

Highlight that in your commercial instead.

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