Congratulating The Copywriter Who Wrote…

…the ad I saw in SkyMall magazine on a flight yesterday.

It was for a piece of luggage with wheels and a handle. Strolling luggage? Whatever you call it, virtually all of us own a piece or three. I’m also betting we’ve all struggled with it while going through an airport. Wobbly or poorly lubricated wheels, flimsy handle, etc.

Here’s the headline that grabbed my attention:

(paraphrasing): “(the luggage so easy to pull) it’s like it’s skating on ice”.

Brilliant! You can, in your mind, imagine how smoothly that luggage will glide while in your hand as you walk (or run) across the airport.

If the goal of the first line of any advertisement is to get you to the second line, mission accomplished!

This all goes back to my first lesson on creating effective advertising: Psychology.

You can see my thoughts on this via video here

I thought hard about that advertisement when I was wrestling with my own unruly luggage yesterday at LAX.

The flight home may include a purchase from SkyMall…

Tim Burt

About timburtmedia

30,000+ ads globally. Commercial Advertising Marketing - world-wide audio producer, voice-over talent, copywriter.
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