A Common Advertising Mistake To Avoid: Arrogance. Tim Burt Explains

Here’s a virtually sure-fire way to drive potential customers away from your business: arrogance (but not to be confused with ego).

For example:

At ABC Orange Juice, our juice is the best. We use only the ripest Florida oranges, hand selected by specially-trained citrus technicians. The ‘other guys’ grab whatever oranges we don’t take, turn it into concentrate, then add water and artificial flavoring just before you buy it.”

If this were a television ad, you can almost guarantee they’d show the label of “the other guys” orange juice not-so-subtly hidden, so there’d be no mistake as to whom they’re referring.


Don’t involve the audience in your “turf war”.

What if you actually like the “other guy” brand? What if that’s your favorite brand of orange juice?

Then the geniuses at “ABC Orange Juice” just told you (in not so many words), that if you drink the other juice you are an idiot.

Their thinking is (most likely): “why wouldn’t you buy ABC Orange Juice? We just told you in the advertisement how we carefully select each orange. Those other guys turn their juice into some pulp-like mass, cook it in a dumpster fire, then blah blah blah…DRINK OUR JUICE!”


Consumers don’t generally care about turf wars, with a few notable exceptions:

  • Mac vs. PC
  • Coke vs. Pepsi
  • McDonalds vs. Burger King
Especially when it comes to local businesses, the only people that will care about turf wars are employees and owners/managers of each respective company involved.
The audience doesn’t care about the fact (or perception) that your sale is bigger, better, and longer than your competition, business owners.


Focus on what makes your business different. Highlight the reasons that the audience should come to you, and only you.

The trick is: it must be done in a way so your business doesn’t appear to be pounding their own chest and swatting at planes while atop the Empire State Building.

Free video tips from me on how to do this effective can be found here.


When you draw attention to your competition, you diminish your own worth in the mind of the consumer. Then your advertisement message must work twice as hard (if not more) to engender trust in the audience’s mind.

Tim Burt



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