Super Bowl 2012 XLVI Commercials: When Everyone Becomes A Critic

While 60,000+ people will be in Indianapolis watching the Super Bowl in person, the one thing they won’t see are the commercials.

This year, a record price of $4 million was spent for one thirty-second ad.

After leaving the one Super Bowl I did attend in person (XLI in South Florida in 2007 – the one where it rained…hard), I recall hearing people saying “I wonder if there were any good commercials”.

“Good” to them means “entertaining”.

“Good” to me means “effective“.

If the commercial is entertaining (funny, compelling, intriguing, etc) but doesn’t make you want to take action, then it is not “good”.

Therefore all the fancy graphics, high-end production, and world-class voice-overs won’t save any advertisement if the message is flawed.

This year, I’ll be posting my instant critiques (at least I’m planning to) simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter.

Forget the ad agencies who gather a group of people together to “grade” the commercials during the game. They’re judging the advertising through the prism of “how well did I like it”. That’s subjective and flawed.

I’ll be giving you my instant critique as to how effective the commercials are through the prism of “will this move sales“.

Anything else is simply conjecture.

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30,000+ ads globally. Commercial Advertising Marketing - world-wide audio producer, voice-over talent, copywriter.
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