Restaurant Commercial Advertising Mistakes To Avoid – Longhorn Steakhouse Advertisement

There are two 15-second commercials here, but watch the first half for Longhorn Steakhouse:

I’m guessing here…but I’d be willing to bet if you’re going to Longhorn Steakhouse, you’re going there for steak. Not chicken.

Don’t get me wrong, the chicken breast with cheese-stuffed portabella sounds wonderful. But the vast majority of customers want something on their plate that at one time made the noise “moo”.

In the first commercial, focusing on the steak is the correct angle to take. My recommendation would have been to elaborate on the steak dish with the potato, bacon, and cheddar cheese topping.

Instead of focusing on the chicken, imagine the impact this line would have had:

“It’s like putting a baked potato with all your favorite toppings on the sirloin.”

I understand the (misguided) strategy of wanting to include the chicken breast. It usually stems from “it’s new, we need to feature it”.


People have shown they’re willing to spend money on your steak. Focus on the steak. And the sizzle.

What To Highlight In Your Restaurant Advertising

Take your most popular item and focus on that. It’s what your customers have come to expect from you.

Let’s assume you’re a deli, and you’re known for your Reuben Sandwich.

When you’re asking friends, family, etc. what’s the best deli in town, they might mention your restaurant. Odds are, they’ll also mention how good your Reuben Sandwich is.

You’ve just been branded as having the “best Reuben Sandwich” in the city.

If your deli now decided to start selling ice cream, that’s not the focus of your restaurant.

When customers come in to order your fantastic, well-known Reuben Sandwich, that’s when you attempt the “up-sale” of the ice cream.

But what got them in the door? It should be the famous Reuben Sandwich…that you highlight in your advertising.

What do you mention in the commercial?

  • What makes it so good – how it’s prepared.
  • How many generations of customers come in demanding it.
  • What they’re missing if they’ve never had it, or haven’t had one in ages.
  • Tease the audience with the “special ingredient”, etc.

They’re not going to come in for the ice cream.

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