Super Bowl XLVI Commercial Preview – Audi S7 – Tim Burt Reviews

First, the commercial:

FINALLY…a car ad that makes the VEHICLE the star. It’s also an unwitting antagonist because of its headlights.

The best lines: “Daylight, now in a headlight. Audi LED headlights”.

What makes this commercial so good?

In my opinion, they highlight one of their unique selling propositions: headlights that are so bright that you’ll think you’re driving in daytime.

What this commercial doesn’t have

Any definitive shots of the interior, mention of performance, technical specifications, etc.

Also, this ad brilliantly employs the method of “unexpectedness” three times. First, when the vampires climb up the trees. Second, when the driver sprouts his fangs. Third, when the vampires disintegrate.

Upon your first viewing, were you able to fortell any of those three things?

This advertisement is 5-Stars in my book.

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1 Response to Super Bowl XLVI Commercial Preview – Audi S7 – Tim Burt Reviews

  1. Folly says:

    Yes, yes and yes. The driver however was carrying a box of Type O positive blood. That is what made me think that they were all going to disintegrate. Vampires thrive on Type O negative. Twilight fans would tell you that vampires can indeed, survive in light. Even Florida’s bright rays. Now the poor Audi driver is going to have to go eat some more strangers to have some more friends. Or bring the right blood along next time. (Which could make for a funny “Hey, he brought the wrong beer” and people explode commercial).

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