What Commercial Immediately Targets Their Audience Better Than Any Other? Tim Burt Explains

Pop quiz time.

  • Q: What is the goal of the first line of a radio/television commercial?

If you answered “to get the audience’s attention”, you’re partially correct.

However, the true answer is far simpler, and goes much deeper than that.

The correct answer is: to get you to listen to the second line.

Therefore, the best example I can give as to the most effective type of advertisement that identifies its target audience immediately is:

The Concert Commercial.

99.999% of all concert commercials you’ll ever hear will start with (or within the first few seconds) the music hook (that’s industry jargon for the most recognizable part of the song) of the band or artists big hit. Or at least one of their big hits.

Depending on your initial reaction to that piece of music, you will almost instantly decide whether or not you’re interested in the rest of the commercial.

If you love the band, you’ll be greatly anticipating the ticket information. When they go on sale, where the concert is, etc.

If you’re a moderate or lukewarm fan, you may stick around to see how much they’re daring to charge to go to their show. That may ultimately decide whether or not you go.

If you absolutely cannot stand the artist, you are guaranteed to tune the rest of it out. They could be giving away tickets for you and your entire neighborhood, and it wouldn’t matter. Because you simply are not interested.

That said, how effective is the first line of your commercial?



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