Commercial Advertising Guilt By Disassociation, NCAA Style. Tim Burt Explains.

What do jewelry stores, car dealers, and auto repair shops have to do with the NCAA College Basketball tournament?


If you’re wondering why commercial advertisers insist on linking themselves with the hoops-bracket fever, it’s due to laziness.

By trying to attach a (seemingly) random company with the tournament, copywriters and business owners are trying to latch on to a popular concept. Usually, the business offer is weak on its own, thus the “guilt by disassociation”.

I just heard a radio commercial for a jeweler “who will have the games on their big-screen tv’s.”

I’m sorry…I mistook you for a sports bar.

As a side note, the NCAA is the most aggressive organization in protecting their trademarks.

They own 79 phrases that you can’t say in your advertising unless your business is an official corporate partner.

That’s why you’ll hear and see “Madness in March” and other lame, desperate attempts in advertising: to hook on to the NCAA train.

Here’s an idea: make your
offer stronger. Then you won’t be guilty of laziness…and disassociation.

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