Babes ‘N Donuts – Scion IQ Commercial Review – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Critiques

What do car tricks and pastry have in common? Donuts.

Isn’t that clever.

Here’s the latest “banned” auto commercial due to…well…

After watching this “ad” (because its run time is approximately 37 seconds, it wouldn’t be for broadcast television), here are my initial thoughts:

  1. What makes this vehicle unique from other cars in its class? Hard to tell.
  2. Is the primary selling point of this vehicle that you can “do donuts” with it?
  3. Was there a reason for you to watch the other videos displayed at the end?

This was “banned” because of the obviously overt sexual nature and tone. However, it fails to hit any of the criteria to make a truly effective ad.

My Main Criticism Is:

It doesn’t tell me enough about the car.

But here’s what we do know:

  • It seats four (comfortably, we’re assuming).
  • You can eat donuts in it while driving backwards rapidly in a circle in a parking lot.
  • It may be normal to see four bikini-clad women doing the above-mentioned stunt.
  • It comes in burnt orange.
  • (Guessing) It can absorb spilled milk without leaving a lingering smell after it spoils.

What I Wish The Producers Showed:

What else the car can do (other than an illegal move that would get points deducted off your license).

I spent virtually the entire commercial wondering:

  • Because it’s small, does that mean it’s more fuel efficient?
  • Does it have a special suspension/steering system that no other car has?
  • What differentiates it from other cars that size (the new Fiat, Mini Cooper, etc.)

Unfortunately, it gives me no answers to the above. Nor do I care after watching this “commercial”.

(As an aside, I was unable click on any of the other videos – as it implied – to see if they were all the same mindless concept.)

Apparently, The Goal Of This Commercial Is:

To seriously entertain.

I was, briefly.

Then I realized Scion’s goal wasn’t to seriously sell

And to think that this particular Scion model line is called the “IQ”…


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