Commercial Critique – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Reviews

(note: I had no idea until I saw the upload date on YouTube that this commercial is six years old)

First, please watch this commercial for

What This Commercial Does Very Well

It identifies their target audience clearly, and quickly…while excluding those whom they don’t want: “City Folks”.

What I Would Change

The perspective.

A philosophy I’ve always subscribed to:

“Don’t sell what’s cute. Sell what works.”

The talking dog, horse, and cows are cute.

Unfortunately, some of the voice-over dialogue is hard to understand.

Here’s How I Would Have Conveyed Their Message

Start with a wide shot of a farmer riding in a field inside of a combine (or other large piece of machinery).

Then, a close-up shot of our “lonely farmer”.

The voice-over says, “How are you ever going to meet someone special out here?”.

Then, explain the benefits of the “Farmers Only” website.

Yes, it’s a dating site for farmers. I’m sure there’s something that makes them unique (aside from the agriculture aspect).

Bottom Line


You’re probably asking “what’s the difference between them and the other sites?”

We don’t know. If you’re “city folk”, you’re not welcome.

But you might check it out of curiosity.

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