What’s The Real Reason GM Is Leaving Facebook? – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Explains.

So General Motors decides to rain on Facebook’s parade three days ahead of their IPO by announcing they’re no longer going to advertise on the world’s largest social media site.


Why am I so (sarcastically) surprised?

They gave their reason for calling off the relationship in the article.

“The ads just weren’t effective”.

Well…whose fault is that, General Motors?

The geniuses you throw (waste) millions of dollars at to come up with something that’s “cool”. Or, maybe…just maybe…possibly…you failed trying to attain the “Holy Grail” of Corporate fantasies in boardrooms world-wide:

“To Go Viral.”

(I actually LOL’d typing that)

Instead, they try to shield their ad agency from heat by blaming Facebook.

Here I get to deploy one of my favorite analogies:

This is like me going into a steakhouse, ordering A T-Bone, then demanding to cook it myself. When I inevitably screw it up, I blame the restaurant.

GM played the role of chef, Facebook is the restaurant in this example.

It is said that the average user (key word here is ‘average’) spends 50 minutes per day on Facebook (now we know where worker productivity is spent).

I’m not on there that long per day…but I can’t ever recall seeing anything for GM.


Have you?

I don’t doubt that GM spent 10 million dollars per year on Facebook.

The questions are:

1) Exactly what did those ads say?
2) On what targeted pages did those ads appear?
3) Were these seasonal ads, or year-long (for 10 mil./yr – they’d better be on all year…)?

Until these are answered sufficiently, GM is pointing the finger of blame in the wrong direction…in this humble critics opinion.


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