[video] Hot Pockets Online Commercial Critique – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Reviews

First, watch this highly-produced web video for Hot Pockets:


They absolutely nail their Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.) in the first ten seconds.

“The new easy way to bring that authentic barbecue flavor home.”

Instead of falling for the typical trap of listing boring, uninspiring, supposed “benefits”, they hit you over the head right out of the gate.

Is it hard to make?

No. It’s a Hot Pocket…how hard are those to prepare?

Does it taste like leftover barbecue-style whatever?

No! (according to them, at least)

Add in the “infomercial”-style presentation in the first minute, and it only makes you want to keep watching.

I love the woman at 1:49:

“Even if Hot Pockets wasn’t paying me to endorse them, I would.”

That’s a line I would have payed actual money to hear in a legitimate, over-the-air advertisement.

But the fact that they can play it up with such tongue-in-cheek smarminess only makes me love it that much more.


It tends to feel a bit long and forced at the end.

However, they keep their foot slammed on the “energy pedal” – and don’t let up.


Businesses who want to create a “viral corporate video”, take notice.

Study this piece of brilliance.

Don’t copy it, but realize that this is how this type of marketing (given the product lends itself to true humor) should be done.



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