[video] The Commercial That’s 200% Too Long – Korean Air – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Critiques

I’m not quite sure how this Korean Air commercial is intended to be used, but please watch this first:

The airtime required to air an almost three-minute advertisement on traditional television would be outrageously expensive.

Therefore, I’m not certain that this is meant for on-air use.

But, I could see it being used for:

  • Trade Shows
  • Employee morale / familiarity with a new aircraft
  • Their website (as in “look what’s coming to the Korean Air fleet)

What Works In This Video

Visually, it is stunning. Crystal-clear imagery. Beautifully shot with fantastic effects (such as the spray from the perfume bottle).

The reclining seats with the privacy walls are terrific.

Need a footrest? They have that covered.

Dinner looks awfully delicious, too.

The shopping area is certainly unique and caters to a high-end clientele.

Here Are The Problems…

There is too much “fluff” setting up the unique features of this aircraft’s interior.

We have to wait 53 seconds before there’s any hint of what makes this plane unique.

Up until then, it could be any Korean Air plane in the fleet.

Would You Guess That…

The “shopping” portion of the video highlights the world’s first in-flight duty-free shopping center?

Me neither.

Why wouldn’t that be part of the graphics while showing the shopping area? That’s truly baffling.

Here’s What I Would Have Done

Cut this video down to sixty seconds.

The gratuitous shots (especially in the first :45 or so) are truly pedestrian.

Highlight what makes this plane unique, but it needs to be (much like packing a suitcase) more compact.

Korean Air still hasn’t topped their best commercial as seen here.

Tim Burt






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