[video] “Beneful” Commercial 2012 – Critiqued By Advertising Expert Tim Burt – Part 1 Of 2 Dog Food Commercial Series

Loyal reader William T. (from parts unknown) writes:

“I would love for you to review one or both of these commercials for dog food on your blog. I think they are simply awful, but would enjoy hearing your thoughts.”

Thanks for the email, William.

Since there are two commercials he wanted me to review, we’ll take them one at a time.

In this blog post, I’ll review the first one for “Beneful”, called “Play. It’s Good For You.”

Here’s The Good

Beautifully filmed.

Here’s The Not-So-Good

So who’s the “star” here? It’s the dog. Up for a supporting actor award is the tennis ball.

It’s not the dog food. Ultimately, isn’t that what the makers of Beneful are trying to get you to buy?

A second disapproving nod comes from me for the script of the narration from the dog.

Most dogs know the words “ball”, and “play”. Don’t insult our intelligence.

But Worst Of All…

This could be for ANY brand of dog food. Insert any other brand of dog food at the end, and you’ll get the same result.

What’s the result of any consumer buying Beneful? That your dog will suddenly want to play with you? As if that’s the only dog food that will suddenly make your inert, overweight, apathetic canine suddenly want to run in a field with you?

This Commercial’s Affliction?

It suffers from what I’ve coined “Photobomb Syndrome”.

Are you familiar with “Photobombing”?

It’s when a seemingly harmless picture is ruined by something unintentional being in the shot.

The focus isn’t on what is should be in the forefront in the mind of the viewer, it’s on the thing that’s ruining the shot – and THAT is what is most remembered.

In this instance, the “photobomber” is the dog.

The comments under the video on YouTube are predominantly:

  • It’s so cute
  • This made me cry
  • I love the dog

Nobody said anything about Beneful, and how it would help their pooch.

To Be Fair…

An argument could be made that people had to know it’s for Beneful to search out the commercial on YouTube.

However, does it trigger the desire to buy Beneful? If I’m the company making that dog food, simply remembering that cute commercial doesn’t necessarily bring money back into my company.

I Grade This Commercial:

An F – for “Failure to differentiate yourself between you and any of the seemingly dozens of brands of dog food on the market today”.

Up Next…

I’ll tackle the second dog food commercial William wants me to review – for Purina.

What Commercial…

do you think is awesome (or a total dud), and you’d like me to review? Just be a superstar like William, and send an email (with a link to the advertisement) to timburtmedia@gmail.com


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