Commercial FAIL – Bear – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Critiques

First, the video:

The Good News

The first 13 seconds of this commercial actually gives you an additional reason to use

The “Sliders”.

The wife’s reaction to the positive and negative effects of using the sliders reinforces what  the audience should doing on their own regardless if they use the website or not.

This is a great use of subconscious “bonus content”.

Raise your credit limit? Score goes up. Etc.

Then, The Unexplainable.

“What does this slider do?”

Cue “Fancy Bear.”


As I Have Stated…

You cannot have two completely unrelated items in a commercial, try to force them together, and have it be effective.

This commercial makes that point with a sledgehammer.

Exactly what is the purpose of the talking bear?

It serves no purpose, other than to “entertain”.

And I’ve also stated that commercials are either “effective” or “entertaining”. Rarely do the two ever meet.

And they certainly don’t here.

This is an example of what to do and what not to do all wrapped in 30 seconds.

If You Were To Poll A Focus Group…

about this commercial, I’ll bet you the top comments (in regards to what the audience can recall) would be:

  • the talking bear
  • the “porcelain poodle” line
  • maybe the way the bear was dressed

I find it hard to believe that a majority would tell you ““.

If the audience cannot recall the name of the business, it’s game over.

The Most Memorable Line From The Bear:

At the :20 mark: “This…should be in the trash”.

I couldn’t agree more (well, the last 17 seconds of this commercial, anyway…the first :13 were informative).

Plus the disclaimer at the end: “Fancy Bear slider still in beta”. How this commercial got past that point is utterly beyond me.

Continuity Across All Platforms.

Remember the goofy trio of musicians who sang the “Free Credit Score” song? They’re still on the website.

No sight of the bear.

If you’re going to commit to the “Bear”, then have it on everything.

Since it’s not, that tells me that this particular advertiser isn’t serious about their image at the moment.

Which begs the question: why should the audience take them seriously?

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4 Responses to Commercial FAIL – Bear – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Critiques

  1. Trevor says:

    On the other hand, I just watched the commercial again and read your article because I googled “fancy bear”

    Freecreditscores commercial and your blog are the top hits. If I google credit score they are not a top hit.

    As a result, their random stupid ad has not only gotten exposure of their brand on tv, but also through YouTube and now your blog.

    Odds are people watching tv aren’t looking for a reputable name for a credit scorer, but now they’ve gotten 3x exposure to a brand name that will reside on their subconscious until they decide to start looking for a cred scorer.

    Sometimes brand exposure is all that matters. If you can get people talking about a brand, even better

  2. John 'Ratty' Arbuckle says:

    I Googled “fancy bear” as soon as I saw that commercial, which brought me here. Maybe they are smarter than you give them credit for!

  3. lizzy Hall says:

    Kill fancy bear

  4. AZSouth says:

    I was actually fast forwarding through the commercials on my DVR and stopped in order to rewind and see what this silly bear was doing and thus watched that commercial. looks like it worked on me.

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