Is The “About Us” Page On Your Website & Facebook Advertising? Expert Marketer Tim Burt Explains

This is from an actual Facebook account on the “About” page for a restaurant in San Bernadino, CA.

(The name has been omitted to protect the guilty from further embarrassment.)

(restaurant) has been in business for decades , we are proudly established in san bernardino. We have a wide variety of mexican and american foods from juicy chicken tacos to mouth watering cheeseburgers and fries we are also home to the infamous garbage burrito which is lettuce, cheese, tomato, sour cream and ur choice of meat which is wrapped in two flour tortillas a garuntee to fully satisy your taste buds. As of now we have two location in san bernardino one; on Highland ave and Muscuibiabe and the other on University pkwy and Kendall dr in the plaza by El Pollo Loco

Some Observations…

  1. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are your friends. Please get to know them.
  2. Seven lines. Three sentences.
  3. Why would you ever publicize a competitor on your site or Facebook page?

Truly baffling.


If you want the public to read it — regardless of where it is — it is considered an advertisement for your business.

An “About Us” page on Facebook or your website it no different.

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