[audio] [video] 1-877-Kars-For-Kids Commercial Critique – Advertising Marketing Expert Tim Burt Reviews

Loyal reader Brennan writes:

“This spot was recently played in a somewhat regular rotation at (radio station he works at), and after hearing it multiple times a day I was interested to see what you thought of it.  You may of heard it.”

Here’s the audio (and video)

What This Commercial Does Well

It absolutely drills the phone number into your head.

Annoying or not, that jingle will be in your head for quite some time.

I apologize for that…

But I Have A Question…

“Cars For Kids”.

What, exactly, does donating your car to this organization do for kids?

All The Big Charities Want Your Car

Or so it seems.

The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and a few others are all over various mediums begging for car donations.

I’ve only heard one — The Salvation Army (here in St. Louis, Missouri) — ever say what they do with the cars.

The Salvation Army gives those cars to men who are fighting drug and alcohol abuse. A worthy cause by anyone’s standards.

So what does Goodwill — and for that matter, “Kars For Kids” — do with a vehicle that’s donated to them?

We never know.

 I Also Don’t Think This Is Your Way Out

of getting out of a bad loan or lease. I’m going to presume you can’t just drop off your vehicle (that you may be upside-down in your loan on) to them, and wipe your hands clean.

Don’t Misunderstand!

I’m not bashing the other two charities (Goodwill, Kars For Kids) in any way.

I’d simply want to know how they use autos that are given to them.

The tax donation part is great. But after that….?

The money goes to “kids”? Where? Who? How? For What?

What This Commercial Is Lacking…

is the ultimate reason (as I stated above) to actually donate a car.

It’s also lacking cohesiveness.

Once the voice-over comes in at the :30 mark, they violate one of my golden rules in advertising, which is giving two methods of contact.

“Or on the web at karsforkids.com – that’s cars with a ‘K'”.

Well…which way do you want me to contact you?

That phone number is repeated 6 times in that commercial. An average of once every ten seconds.

Since that’s what I’m guessing the audience will remember the most, that’s what they’ll do: call.

In Conclusion

Assuming you have a car to donate…and assuming you’re willing to just give it to a charity that will do who-knows-what with it…and assuming you’re fine by just taking the tax deduction…

this is the charity for you.



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