Web Disconnect: The Easiest Way To Confuse Your Target Audience In Advertising – Tim Burt Explains

Visit Our Website…Please.

How many commercials do you see, read, or hear that drive you to a website?

More than you can count.

If you’re a business owner, consider this a brief, yet effective checklist for integrating a website into your advertising, regardless of the medium.

If someone in your target audience actually goes to the your website, does it deliver what is promised in the advertisement?

There’s a reason that 84% of people don’t believe advertisements.

Become Your Audience

Before you send someone to your website, you must pretend that you are your targeted consumer. So ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the information you want them to absorb hard to find?
  • Is the offer or feature misleading in any way?
  • Is there anything that could potentially confuse the consumer?

Don’t Make Me Hunt

If you’re sending someone to your site for some out-of-this-world deal or bargain, your website should have a large banner, box, or graphic to point the audience to the deal.

They should be smacked in the face with your promotion in clear, easy to understand language.

What’s That Deal Called, Anyway?

Name your promotion or offer. That way, the audience knows exactly what they’re looking for once they hit your corner of the web.

For example:

  • “The $5 Footlong”
  • “The Buy One Get Two Free Deal”
  • “Weekend Special”

What’s That Website Again?

Is your website domain easy to recall? If the person you want to visit your website cannot recall the name of your site (or worse, cannot find it in a search engine), you’re simply wasting your money.

What’s worse, you’re wasting the consumer’s time. That almost always guarantees they will not come back to you.



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