[video] Facebook Home Commercial – Marketing Expert Tim Burt Reviews

First, the commercial.

This is one of a few “teaser” commercials for the new “Facebook Home” phone from HTC.

The Positive

At :07 in, the use of “unexpectedness” is dramatic and powerful. The two guys in the overhead storage bins clearly sets this ad up for holding the audience’s attention.

Now For The Message

Shortly thereafter he checks his phone, and we see a picture of Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Shangela then makes a cameo appearance popping out of the beverage cart.

By now, we’ve made the connection that he’s replaying personal events through photos on his phone.

  • The kid with the birthday cake smeared on his face.
  • A dancing crowd in the aisle.
  • The cats at the end.

Okay, we get it.


What exactly makes this phone special? He “likes” a photo, and the large “thumbs up” graphic appears.

Then what?

That’s it?

How Is This Different?

Judging from this commercial, I cannot make any dramatic differentiation between the Facebook app on my iPhone, and this “Facebook Home” phone.

In Conclusion…

I fully grasp the concept of a “teaser” commercial. But when you only show the audience one thing that isn’t light-years different from what I have now, I can only summarize with a less-than-enthusiastic…”meh”.

This ad is reminiscent of a joke that has a great set-up, with a punch-line that ends with a thud.

A true “teaser” would leave the audience wanting to know more.

This ad just doesn’t quite do it.



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