[video] Using Insults To Drive Away Non-Customers. Marketing Expert Tim Burt Explains

First, the commercial:

Let’s Clarify Something

This advertisement for Dos Equis beer is part of their “most interesting man” campaign.

The most powerful line of this whole campaign (which should be on all of their spots, but isn’t here) is:

“I don’t always drink beer. But when I do, I prefer Dos Equis.”

If the audience can recall that line, then this ad is far more effective than it may appear on the surface.

But they shouldn’t have to recall it.

Let’s Assume For  A Moment…

The “stay thirsty my friends” was replaced with the “I don’t always drink beer…” line.

Now couple that with the “trophy wives” bit, and you have a pretty devastating commercial. It would isolate and alienate their non-targeted audience: shallow men.

Bottom Line

You have a trophy wife? Don’t you dare think about asking for (let alone attempting to grab) a Dos Equis.

It alienates (and possibly offends) those who fall into that category.

If someone who does have a “trophy wife” is put off by this ad, then it achieves its goal: only talk to those who will drink the beer.

This entire campaign attempts to create the impression that Dos Equis is a sophisticated beer for sophisticated people.

Not guys with trophy wives.



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