[video] Apple’s iPhone Camera Commercial – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Reviews

First, the commercial:

Pics Of Everything

Food, people, skylines, selfies, snow, rocks, landmarks, mountains, food, etc.

Who cares what people are photographing, the fact is (according to the commercial) more people use iPhones to take pics than any other camera.

For personal use, business, and medical…and plenty of other uses.

What This Commercial Doesn’t Have


Boring, unfamiliar technical specifications.

And that’s exactly why this is such an elegant advertisement that works. You can watch it numerous times and never get bored with it.

An Exercise In Restraint

Could Apple have made a horrible misstep by bombarding everyone with how many megapixels it has, the resolution, how much better its lens is than other cameras?


But they didn’t – which takes tremendous restraint. I’d be willing to bet one of the advertising agency weasels or sales executives demanded that the ad “tell the people exactly what this thing has.”

No need to.

We see exactly what it can do. But more powerfully…

We’ve Used Our Camera For That, Too

Virtually everyone who watches this spot will have their memory triggered to a time when they used the camera on their phone for an important / silly / sentimental / business photo (or photos).

Important rule: the intersection of common everyday language with common everyday events is the advertising bulls-eye.

There’s no need for any other voice-over than what’s said at the end, which is easily understood, and a powerful message.

In Conclusion

This is one of the best Apple advertisements I’ve seen in years – since the compare-and-contrast ads from a number of years ago (I’m a Mac / I’m A PC).

Welcome back to sanity, Apple.

Grade: A




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