Why Shouldn’t My Advertising Entertain People? Tim Burt Explains

During a recent seminar in Maputo, Mozambique, an attendee asked me why advertising shouldn’t used to entertain the audience.

This is referencing one of my key points that “advertising should never be used to entertain.”

This person referenced large corporations who air irrelevant ads that don’t really sell the product.

My answer is: businesses like McDonald’s, Chevrolet, etc. can afford to because they’re so large. They’ve also been around before the current marketing platforms and (misguided) strategies.

If you’re a small business, you’re fighting for survival — sometimes against those very corporations.

An old baseball phrase “hit ’em where they ain’t” applies here.

While those multi-national conglomerates are busy being cute, your small business can do serious damage just by telling the audience why they should come to you.

Don’t be cute, do what sells.


About timburtmedia

30,000+ ads globally. Commercial Advertising Marketing - world-wide audio producer, voice-over talent, copywriter.
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