[video] Ford Motor Company’s Insulting Advertisement – Ford Focus Television Commercial – Tim Burt Reviews

First, the commercial:

What did you remember from seeing this advertisement for the new Ford Focus?

  • The voice-activated search feature that is built into the car?
  • “Eco-Boost” fuel economy?

Sorry, I didn’t recall either of those things.

Dear Ford, What Are You Selling?

People eating something that doesn’t really exist? An image of painful food consumption?

Or…are you supposed to be selling A CAR?

The six seconds (exactly 20% of their commercial) devoted to explaining the meaning of the word “or” is:

  • insulting
  • demeaning
  • a waste of 1/5th of your purchased airtime.

Even my 4-year old niece knows the meaning of the word “or.”

Why do you feel the need to explain it to the audience?


Why don’t you tell me about those features that would improve the life of the person driving the car? After all, that’s what will sell a car.


It is subjective.

I’m probably on the upper end of Ford’s targeted audience for the Focus. Meaning, they’re supposed to be talking to me.

The problem is, I didn’t laugh the first time I saw this spot, and now that I’ve seen it 10-15 times, I still don’t think it’s remotely funny.

Yet, Ford is still supposed to be selling me a $20,000+ car. Not attempting to make me laugh.


When it comes time for me to buy a new car, I could buy a Ford…OR…I could pick something else.

I’ll bet the Ford Motor execs had a good laugh at this horribly misguided commercial.

Tim Burt



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