This Car Commercial Is A Slick Waste Of Money. Expert Marketer Tim Burt Reviews

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“Advertising solves problems. You’re selling results.”

Keep that in mind as you watch this car commercial from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A large part of this commercial seems like it was lifted from the Milwaukee Tourism Association…which makes it that much more confusing.

Yet, it’s fueled almost entirely by ego.

I’m all for using “unexpectedness” to sell a product. This commercial does that very well.

They’re ultimately trying to sell vehicles. Not the city of Milwaukee.


Imagine for a moment that you’re a new resident of Milwaukee, and you’re in the market for a new car.

Is there anything that you saw in the ad that would make you want to go to this dealership?

There is no direct call to action. Usually I have to remove multiple references on telling the audience what to do (website, plus phone number, plus physical location) – here, we have nothing.

So what exactly do you want me to do, Mr. Griffin (guessing that’s the name of the “star” of the ad)?


“50 years in the car business.” Good for you. Still doesn’t make me want to go there.

“(We know) a whole lot more than the bean counters that work downtown.” Nice job alienating a sector of the audience who you’re trying to convince to drive a Chrysler 200. After all, isn’t that an “upscale” model? The very people who are in a position to buy that car probably are “bean counters.”


For a locally produced car commercial, this is slick.

It’s certainly not the atypical “car dealer walking on the lot talking about how many acres of cars he has to sell.”

Again, “unexpectedness” can be a powerful advertising and marketing tool – when done properly.

But if the goal of this commercial is to simply have the audience say in casual conversation “have you seen that Griffin’s Hub ad?”, then mission accomplished.

If it’s to motivate someone to visit the dealership to actually buy a car…try again.

The sung line at the end of “is there a Griffin’s Hub tag on your car” – while nicely done – gives the audience absolutely no reason to feel pride that they bought their car at Griffin’s Hub.

If the cars were made in Milwaukee, then yes.

Since our “star” repeatedly references Detroit…well, you do the math.

Tim Burt



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