[video] Toyota’s U.S. Same-Sex T.V. Commercial – Marketing Expert Tim Burt Critiques

First, the ad:

The Good Points

  • “The discounted price was right on the window so there was no negotiation”
  • “Just one person handled everything so it was really fast”
  • “They had the exact car we wanted”

Those are exact quotes from the “buyer” in the driver seat.

Going by just those three points, they are all are very strong selling points (or Unique Selling Proposition – a.k.a. “USP”).

This particular dealer has set themselves up as “one-stop car shopping” without driving all around town or scouring the internet for the best deal.

As for reflecting a “slice of life” (or realism) of the ad, you can certainly empathize with the woman in the car on per pure excitement for buying the new car.

Bonus points for using “unexpectedness” when the other woman opens the front door of the house to see the vehicle. That certainly was a twist.

Needs Serious Improvement

Does the conversation that the woman was having on the phone sound anything like you have ever said in your life?


It sounds as though she’s reading from the car dealer’s brochure or talking points.

However, if she had said that to her spouse directly after she stepped outside, then it would be more realistic.

But the verbiage would have been slightly more believable and not as “sales-ish” if she were talking face-to-face.

I would still have altered the USP points to make it more realistic.

The Fatal Flaw

A friend of mine shared this on Facebook, which is how I was made aware of the ad.

The overriding comments below the video are (paraphrasing) “good for Toyota for making an ad like this.”

The sentiment is about “breaking an advertising barrier” as opposed to the selling of the car itself  – and the dealership.

Remember those three points that I highlighted earlier? They’re pretty strong selling points.

Sadly, what’s being recalled is the tone of the commercial.

Will this will boost the sales of Toyota’s, much less at this particular car dealer in Oakland, California?


But I do give them credit for taking a bold step.

If the stated goal is to bring same-sex couples to their dealership, great.

However, I think their three natural selling points should be strong enough to bring in customers.

Tim Burt


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30,000+ ads globally. Commercial Advertising Marketing - world-wide audio producer, voice-over talent, copywriter.
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