How Radio And Television Stations Unknowingly Sabotage Their Own Sales – Tim Burt Explains

The formula for advertising success from Don Draper

If you’re a business owner who has been approached by a sales representative from a radio or television station, tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’ve agreed on an advertising schedule, the amount you’re going to pay is settled, and then the discussion turns to the actual commercial.

The radio/t.v. person will say, “let’s create an ad that ‘cuts through the clutter.'”

What they’re really saying is “every other advertisement, and all the non-programming elements on our station is just unwatchable, unlistenable garbage.”

That pits them against every other sales person from that particular company.

Of course it’s not going to be your commercial that is the “clutter”, right?

That’s the “other” guy who is driving away the audience with their terrible advertisement.

When, in fact, if you don’t follow some basic, simple, proven rules, your commercial will become “clutter.”

Those basic rules are (which I’ve covered on this blog extensively):

  • Give the audience one thing to remember about your business
  • Give the audience the one way you want them to contact you
  • Don’t do what’s cute, do what sells.

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