Should Stores Be Open On Thanksgiving? – Advertising Expert Tim Burt Discusses

Here in the U. S., Thanksgiving isn’t for another week. Traditionally, that day marks the official start of the Christmas shopping season.

Yet, you wouldn’t know it from the onslaught of ads everywhere ramming “holiday” offers down the throats of the public – 6 weeks – before Christmas.

In years past, you wouldn’t start seeing these ads until just before – or on – Thanksgiving day.

The day after Thanksgiving (a.k.a. “Black Friday”) is the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s named as such because that day used to mark the time that the “big box” retailers turned a profit for the year (out of the red, into the black – hence, “Black Friday”).

But as Thanksgiving Day has fallen later in the month in recent years, retailers are looking to maximize every possible second of revenue before Christmas.

I can’t blame them for that.

Some have resorted to opening on Thanksgiving Day itself. I saw a press release today mentioning that a half-dozen malls will be open on turkey day here in St. Louis where I live.

Is it right? Should they be “allowed” to open?

My $0.02 is, yes (here’s where the argument usually ensues).

But I have a rule: if the business makes it worth the public’s time, people will show up.

Just like any other day of the year.

The “door-buster” deals on Friday for electronics, clothes, etc. will always draw people in.

But to do it on Thanksgiving (when some will argue that time should be spent with family), then retailers who willingly open that night need to add extra incentive to shoppers.

Handing out “Groupon-type” coupons (spend $10, get $20 later) will reap a greater reward well past the holiday season.

Bigger discounts. Door prizes. All that gimmicky stuff.

Guess what? It works.

Remember, there are those who don’t have family in town who don’t mind shopping. There are those who don’t mind working because they may get extra pay.

Will I be out shopping on Thanksgiving night? Maybe.

It depends on what kind of offers lure me to the retailer.

Tim Burt

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