Finalists: The 3 Dumbest Christmas Car Commercials, 2014 – Tim Burt Reviews

Every Christmas season, without fail, there will be one auto manufacturer with a stupid advertising campaign, or at least one dumb commercial. This year, we have THREE.

Finalist #1: Honda

Are you selling toys or cars?


Let me guess…the Michael Bolton commercials from last year didn’t work out so well?

Finalist #2: Ford

So…nine-year old kids can now drive?

Finalist #3: Toyota

(I apologize, you have to click through the link to watch…but its awfulness is worth it…)

Does this happen in any showroom? Ever? At least during business hours?

How do you follow that up, Toyota? By asking your dealers to make your customers make ridiculous, forced, lame videos like this…which, I would bet, these people hadn’t seen the “dancing” commercial before they walked in to that dealership…

So…just remember…

These commercials are supposed to convince you to spend $25,000+ on a car.

Tim Burt 


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