Advertising On Websites: Men Don’t Read, But Women Do – Tim Burt Explains

The “shotgun” approach to advertising is dead. It’s the (flawed) reasoning: “just put my advertising everywhere, and someone will respond to it.

In the “B.I.” age (Before Internet), this was all too common.

It should have never been born, but that’s another discussion.

My, How Times Have Changed…

If you own a business, you (should) know your target audience. Men ages 18-24; women ages 30-40 with children, etc.

Online advertising has really helped laser-focus where a business should spend their advertising budget. For instance, with Facebook ads, they help you determine where and how your target audience will see your message.

If you’re a plumber, you’re not going to advertise in the “Fashion & Clothing” section. At least I hope not…

Where Most Businesses Drop The Ball

A one-size-fits-all template for a small business website may seem like the best way to go. Price, setup, and maintenance are usually bundled into something that isn’t daunting to handle.

But are these templates the best option? Probably not.

Here’s why it’s important to have a custom website created for your business – because of your target audience.

News Flash: Men And Women Use The Web Differently

Men are the “give me a summary of what you have” crowd.

Women actually take time to read text.

Two Real-World Examples:

First, for the men, I grabbed a screen shot of the home page of Harley Davidson.

Harley Davidson website front pageAs you can see, not a lot of text there. It does contain a rather suggestive headline, which speaks to their target – men – in a way they understand.

(Of course, I’m not saying all men are cave-dwelling neanderthals, this is simply formatted to the way they use the internet.)

Now, for the women…I grabbed the front page of Bed Bath And Beyond:

Bed Bath And Beyond website front pageHere, we have far more text, with an actual product description on the home page. This page actually scrolls down much further, with more pictures and descriptive text.

They’re catering to their audience.

Does your website do that?

Are you sure?

Time to revisit your site…

Tim Burt

About timburtmedia

30,000+ ads globally. Commercial Advertising Marketing - world-wide audio producer, voice-over talent, copywriter.
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