What Does “Laser Hair Removal Music” Sound Like? – Tim Burt Busts An Advertising Myth

A big misconception in advertising (especially radio advertising) is, “my commercial needs music in it.”

Here’s a bit of inside radio lingo: we call that a “music bed.”

99% of ads you’ll hear don’t need to contain any music…and here’s why.



Music and sound effects should only be in a commercial if it supports the sales message.

For example: if you’re a travel agent, and you’re advertising a Mediterranean cruise package, it would be fine (and almost expected) to hear a music bed from the country (or countries) where the boat will dock.

Unless the product you’re selling is music (think: a commercial for a live concert), very rarely will you ever find “the right music” for a business that isn’t selling music.


Effective advertising is about focus, clarity, and simplicity.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve produced a commercial for a business, and heard “but I don’t like the music.”

99% of the time, the music was unnecessary, but that’s another story.

My response is (and will always be), “what do you want the audience to focus on…the sales message, or the instrumental, nondescript, vanilla music?”

Which leads to…


Why do most commercials have unnecessary music in them? It’s because of fear.

Another objection I’ve heard over the years: “it doesn’t sound like a radio commercial.

The vast majority of the most effective and successful advertisements I’ve written and/or produced contain no music.

In the radio industry, that’s called “dry” or “dry voice.” And that’s how most of my finished commercials are.


Can someone tell me exactly what “laser hair removal music” sounds like?

Tim Burt






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