Super Bowl Ads: The Facts – Tim Burt Explains

The “ad meters” on most websites during Super Bowl Sunday are highly flawed. Why? They simply ask focus groups which commercials they “like”, because they’re asking the wrong question.

They should be asking participants “which ads make you want to investigate the good, product, or service further?”

Carl's Junior Super Bowl 49

This Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Ad From 2015 Graded Poorly Because Of A Tired Visual Gimmick.

Are Super Bowl Ads A Wise Investment?

This year’s Super Bowl commercials will cost (on average) $5 million for just thirty seconds of ad time.

Keep in mind, that’s just to purchase the air time. Production costs are not included.

For argument’s sake (and to keep the math simple), let’s say the commercial cost $1 million to produce.

That total is now $6 million, which averages to a staggering $200,000 per second.

I’m No Math Whiz…But…

Being a small business owner myself, if I were spending that kind of coin, I better see a return on my investment.

Even though last year, over 114 million people were watching…advertising doesn’t mean you’re in the entertainment business.

Sadly, most Super Bowl ads now aim to entertain, rather than sell.

This is a huge disconnect.

Want To Know What I Think About Them?

Get my live, brutal, honest assessment during the game on Facebook.

I’ve posted a few of the ads which have been “leaked” on my Super Bowl 50 Commercials website, which you can see by clicking here:

Join Me…And Get The Truth

Don’t waste your time with the popular “ad meters”, which grade commercials simply on entertainment value. That’s a losing proposition.

Join me on Facebook and on during the game for instant grades, critiques, praise, and snark.

Tim Burt


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