All Effective Advertising Follows This One Formula – Tim Burt Explains

111Regardless of the platform(s) where your advertising will appear, all good ads follow the above formula.

For the sake of simplicity, we will work in reverse…but…

You may be asking “one…of what?”

Only You Can Answer That.

The first thing to define – before you start typing, sketching, or writing – is what is the one thing you want the audience to do?

Do you want them to go to your website? To call your business? Or, to visit your store?

I’ve heard business owners joyfully reply “all three!”


The question is: what is your preferred method of contact?

That is the last “1” of the above formula.

Why is it the last number of the formula? Because it is the easiest and biggest mistake I hear and see in 99% of all advertising. Too many options actually induces anxiety in the mind of the audience.

It is absolutely critical that you define that first. When you do, it will greatly increase your chances of success.

Let’s Go To The Beginning…

The first “1” in the formula: what is the problem the audience is having?

  • I’d like a better job
  • How can I quickly get out of debt
  • Where can I take my family on vacation that won’t break my budget

There are countless examples. Again, only you (the business owner) can answer that. It’s whatever problem your business solves in the mind of your target audience.

Now, Let’s Go To The Middle

The second “1” is…how will it make their life better?

In other words, how does it solve the problem in our first “1” above?

This is where you differentiate your business from your competition.

In my seminars, I state: “If your business was lost in a forest, would you dress it up as a tree?”

No, you’d set it on fire.

Bottom Line

When you follow the 1/1/1 formula, it isn’t a guarantee of success. No advertising is ever a sure-fire guarantee of success. If anyone tells you that it will be, you are being lied to.

However, by following this formula, you will – at a minimum – stand out above your competition, because your target audience will be able to easily recall your business.

Tim Burt





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1 Response to All Effective Advertising Follows This One Formula – Tim Burt Explains

  1. Hue says:

    Tim Bert
    Came and worked on my web site ,commercial to be placed on tv ,placed my business on the right path to succeed.I spent a small fortune trying to show my sprayer to the public.With little results.After talking to Tim and what he done for my business,he be the one I call for help to reach a global world.

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