Winner, Best Ad of 2017: Samsung Trolls Apple – “Growing Up”

As a former, now reformed Apple “fanboy” – believing at one time that the Fruit Company could do no wrong – all it took to break Apple’s stranglehold on the US market (and my belief system) is some smart, devastatingly effective advertising from Samsung.

First, the commercial:


This ad simply, quickly, and beautifully demonstrates what every iPhone user (probably) has experienced, or is experiencing currently with their device (in order):

  1. Over-hyped, ridiculously long lines at the Apple Store.
  2. No expandable memory (which Apple continues to ignore).
  3. Smaller screens (until recently)
  4. No stylus to write on the screen.
  5. iPhone gets submerged in water, you put it in rice, and cross your fingers.
  6. Life without a headphone jack.
  7. No wireless charging (another very recent addition).

The ad then smartly shows you that – spoiler alert – Samsung has, and is far ahead of Apple.

In other words, Samsung SOLVES APPLE’S PROBLEMS.


FIVE YEARS ago when Samsung ran a very similar ad which mocked their core audience and iPhone’s lack of features.

A brilliant use of a technique called compare and contrast.


If you own or are in charge of marketing a small business, you can’t mimic everything that Samsung did here.

But what you can do is relentlessly highlight the strengths of your product or service.


For instance: let’s say that you own a tire shop. You just received a shipment of the latest and greatest tires from the ABC Tire Company, which can go 100,000 miles without being rotated (someday, that will happen).

By saying in a video or radio ad, “The earth is roughly 25,000 miles round. Your current tires would let you drive around our planet once, maybe twice before you’d have to get them rotated. The new ABC Extra Long Life Tires would let you circle the earth four times. You could be on the road, or in the waiting area at the tire store. ABC Extra Long Life Tires…available right now in many sizes at (call to action.”

Subtle jabs at the competition should be done sparingly, as you don’t want the lasting image in your audience’s mind to be that of your rival.


Tim Burt

About timburtmedia

30,000+ ads globally. Commercial Advertising Marketing - world-wide audio producer, voice-over talent, copywriter.
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