How To Waste $5,000,000 in 30 Seconds

Super bowl 52 ad review with Tim Burt
It is year #9 of my live critiquing, blogging, praise, and disgust at the spectacle of the Super Bowl ads. As usual, it’s on Facebook, and you can like that page right now by clicking here.

Usually, there is more disgust than praise.

This year, 30 seconds of advertising time will cost just over a cool 5 million dollars.

Don’t waste your time with the USA Today “Ad Meter.” That is truly a joke. They only ask their focus group which ads they “liked.”

Results and sales be damned, they just want to know what was funny, thought-provoking, etc.

To find out which ads I believe have the best chance of increasing sales for that particular business, follow my live blog and critique on Facebook by clicking here.

Get your popcorn ready.

Tim Burt

About timburtmedia

30,000+ ads globally. Commercial Advertising Marketing - world-wide audio producer, voice-over talent, copywriter.
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