Who Is Tim Burt?

Tim Burt is a 25-year veteran of radio broadcasting and advertising, who focuses on Radio, Television, and Web commercial advertising.

Tim has written, recorded, and produced more than 30,000 commercials (and counting) around the world.

He is the voice/audio producer for numerous radio stations, television commercials, and entertainment venues. Tim resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

How Did This All Start?

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he recalls an assignment in grade school that would one day turn into a career.

“It was elementary school – fourth or fifth grade – and our assignment as a writing exercise was to create a commercial for a local business. I picked a steakhouse that was near my house. I wrote a limerick, but I remember my teachers’ reaction more than what I wrote. I got a “great job” and a huge smile from my teacher, which was huge when you’re 9 or 10. Nobody else wrote a limerick, but I did…which made it stand out from all the others. And isn’t that the point of advertising and marketing?”


Any and all posts on this blog reflect my own personal opinions, and not those of any current employer, or any past or present clients. Any and all audio on this blog would be covered under the “Fair Use Act” (eg. for critiquing purposes).


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