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[video] “Purina Dog Chow” Commercial 2012 – Critiqued By Advertising Expert Tim Burt – Part 2 Of 2 Dog Food Commercial Series

In the first half of this special two-part series on dog food television advertisements, loyal reader William T. wanted me to critique a commercial for Beneful which you can see here. William also requested that I review this spot for … Continue reading

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[video] “Beneful” Commercial 2012 – Critiqued By Advertising Expert Tim Burt – Part 1 Of 2 Dog Food Commercial Series

Loyal reader William T. (from parts unknown) writes: “I would love for you to review one or both of these commercials for dog food on your blog. I think they are simply awful, but would enjoy hearing your thoughts.” Thanks … Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLVI Commercial Preview – Chevrolet Camaro – Tim Burt Reviews


After watching and reviewing this upcoming Super Bowl ad for Chevrolet, it appears I’m quickly becoming one of the most hated commercial critics online.

As I noted in the comments below the video on YouTube, this commercial doesn’t work for me on a couple of levels.

Primarily, it sends mixed messages.

First, it says to me unless you’re a guy who just graduated college, this car isn’t for you.

Then, the final shot where the “elderly neighbor” drives off in the Camaro is conflicting and confusing.

If your target audience IS the recent college dude, then you’ve hit the bulls-eye.

Conversely, if your target audience is the senior-citizen neighbor, you nailed it again.

But I’m guessing that Chevrolet is looking for a wider base than either a 22-year old, or someone who is on their way to the Early Bird Special.

The major difference between this commercial and last year’s outstanding Volkswagen ad with the Darth Vader kid is: charm.

The VW commercial had innocence and imagination. This is boisterous, loud, and boastful (which is what you’re going for when you drive a yellow Camaro, I suppose).

Yes, the acting is very good. It’s well shot and directed (mostly).

My one main sticking point with the direction: had the refrigerator been more prominently displayed in front of the car, it would have more impact.

As for the car itself: what makes this Camaro different from prior year models? We never know. Unless you’re in the market for one, you won’t know. Or care.

Some of the comments directed towards my remarks on YouTube imply that I’m just supposed to “enjoy” the ad.

Since when are commercials supposed to “entertain” and not make the client money?


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